Score Water – clean and fresh Transcarpathian water

Our mission is to deliver a unique mineral composition and structure of pure natural Transcarpathian water – the ecological pearl of Ukraine, through compliance with the high quality standards of safe production, each pro-active person in the world carrying out a healthy lifestyle and choosing a high quality of life.

Medical parameters

According to the modern research, the most important chemical elements to human health are oxygen (47%), silicon (29%), aluminum (8%), iron (4.7%), calcium (2.96%), sodium and potassium ( 2.5%), magnesium (1.9%). The remaining components account for less than 1%. It is obvious that silicon is a key (element after, of course, oxygen) in the human body. The fundamental studies of the recent years have shown that the true causes of many of the most severe human diseases appear due to the silicon shortage, which in turn is caused by the lack of this mineral in water and food. The shortage of silicon is the main cause of violations of the elasticity and flexibility of the connective tissue of tendons, joint cartilage, blood vessels, intestines, the valve apparatus of cardio – vascular system and gastrointestinal tract. In addition, almost all diseases of the skin, hair and nails also point to a lack of silicon. Natural mineral water “Score” is ideal for restoring the necessary balance of silicon in the human body.

Score Water source

The source of Natural Mineral Water “Score” is situated in the clean resort area of Transcarpathia – ecological jewel of Ukraine. The water from artesian wells reaches the surface under the normal natural pressure that ensures the safety of its natural structure. Then the water flows directly to the filling line through the pipeline made of stainless steel, excluding any impact of human factors and external elements to the unique mineral and chemical balance.


Score chemical composition

Natural mineral water “Score” has a high content of natural silicon, whose role in the life of the organism is difficult to overestimate, because silicon, like water is the basis of all life on Earth. Natural mineral water “Score” has a unique balanced chemical composition, that has the overall low level of mineralization (up to 250 mg / l) and low sodium content.

Bacteriological background of Score Water

Environmental Transcarpathian forests uniqueness and purity of the Carpathian Mountains give us the Natural Mineral Water Score so pure that we use only mechanical filtration process during bottling. During the production process we only release the water from rocks mechanical impurities, leaving the living energy of Score in its original form created by nature. A silicon as a natural antiseptic preserves the original freshness for a long time.

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Score Water - clean and fresh Transcarpathian water

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